Rendez-vous: An International Seminar on French Art (18th-20th Centuries)

Rendez-vous was a seminar on French art (18th-20th centuries) held monthly throughout the 2013-2014 academic year at the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU. International scholars were invited to present their research in an informal and creative setting for approximately 30 minutes, followed by an open discussion with students and colleagues. Rendez-vous focused on French art in the broadest sense: ‘French’ is interpreted in an extensive way, including global exchanges, political dimension and colonial history, and ‘Art’ includes painting, architecture and sculpture, but also material and visual culture. Rendez-vous offered an occasion to learn about current innovative research by international and engaging scholars. The seminar aimed to open up an exchange of methodologies, thoughts and ideas in a participatory atmosphere.

More information on this seminar including abstracts of all past lectures.

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